Open Source Meetup with Julia Computing!

 TechHub Bangalore
Prestige Blue Chip, No. 9 Hosur Road, Nr. Dairy Circle Bangalore 560 019 India

 28 April 2017
From 19:00 To 21:00

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An Open source language that has the speed 1,000x for insurance model estimation, 225x for parallel supercomputing image analysis and 11x for macroeconomic modeling and dramatically reduces the number of lines of code by 90% or more. Is that possible?

Come and be a part of " Open Source Meetup with Julia " where we have Julia Computing Inc. showcasing the Magic they have created.

About Julia Computing: Julia Computing ( was founded in 2015 by the co-creators of the Julia language to provide support to businesses and researchers who use Julia. Julia is an open-source language for high-performance technical computing and data science created by some of the best minds in mathematical and statistical computing. It combines the functionality and ease of use of Python, R, Matlab, SAS and Stata with the speed of Java and C++. Julia delivers dramatic improvements in simplicity, speed, capacity and productivity. Julia offers an unbeatable combination of simplicity plus speed that is thousands of times faster than other mathematical, scientific and statistical computing languages.

Julia solves the two language problem. Because Julia combines the ease of use and familiar syntax of Python, R and Matlab with the speed of C, C++ or Java, programmers no longer need to estimate models in one language and reproduce them in a faster production language. This saves time and reduces error and cost


06:30 PM - Doors Open & Registrations.

07:00 PM - Introduction by TechHub team.

07:40 PM - JuliaShowcase.

08:30 PM - Networking over Food & Drinks.

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